Tuesday, November 02, 2010

DVR-ing it isn't the same

I like watching election returns but I also like to sing. So this election return-watching must be interrupted with some chorus rehearsal. Hopefully all the fun won't be over by the time I get back home.

Election night always makes me think about Schoolhouse Rock videos.

(I am not a political scientist or an economist but, isn't it reasonable to say we shouldn't spend what we don't have? WHERE is the money that the Democrats want to spend going to come from?)


  1. Though I have yet use it for a sporting event (or election) I rather like the DVR. It's like "power-watching" TV. I can speed through the commercials and get my entertainment on in no time. Now if only I could find time to power-watch.

  2. Love School House Rock! On my way to watch the election returns with our favorite state rep. candidate!