Monday, December 06, 2010

Post titled "Tree" written by a person who has had TOO MUCH CAFFEINE

I'm wondering tonight if I will ever get tired of the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. I'm pretty sure I won't. I don't care if you can't make calls from your iPhone in Corydon, Iowa. The damn camera app is worth it! A new lens/flash/film set is coming out Dec. 10.

Aside from that, isn't the tree itself kinda pretty? Gary and the kids are responsible for the beauty. Okay, so you've noticed there's no tinsel on it yet. OMG, is the tinsel thing genetic? Gary has begged for tinsel since 1987 and now Hope has Gary's 'love-of-tinsel' DNA. Hank and I are like, 'that's gonna be messy and clog up the vacuum when we clean up on Jan. 10-25."

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